November 9, 2006

C'mon compost!

My compost doesn't seem to be doing much. Everything looks about the same as when I first put it in. I still haven't added a cup of soil as some of my garden-blogger friends have suggested because it's been so rainy but, I will definitely do that this weekend. Also, I've added a lot of water but, things still look pretty dry. Do I need to just drench it all? Any ideas?

I found a big stick to use as a "stirrer" while walking home from work last night and I collected another trash bag full of leaves for my reserve. I'm a little worried though because some of the leaves have big round black spots on them. Is that ok? I have avoided any diseased plant material and I don't really know if big black spots on dried leaves are a disease but....if they could be does that mean I shouldn't use them?

Since the first day I've added a few tea bags, some dryer lint, the skin and seeds of a spaghetti squash and a few more eggshells and apple cores. I feel like I have a little rabbit in the back that I'm "feeding."