March 20, 2006

Hanging with the Gardeners

Life has been a little hectic and I haven't made much progress on my garden plan. I decided to add carrots, turnips, lima beans and onions to my list of plants for the garden and I bought seeds for most of these to start growing them indoors. I even purchased a cheap plastic greenhouse and some little discs of 'growing medium" that grow into columns when you add water.

I spent all day Saturday volunteering at a small citywide gardener's convention (the mayor even came). I got some lettuce seeds out of that and I got to spend a lot of time with some very nice people from my gardening class who were the majority of the volunteers. Some of my fellow students received certificates of completion for the class but, I've got a bunch of classes to make up before I can get one of those. It was really interesting sitting around with a whole crew of people obsessed with gardening. A couple of them were headed straight to the flower show once they were done volunteering and they were sooo glad that it was open until 9PM.

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firstborn said...


like your blog...which i happened upon in search of gardening-minded souls like myself. your images go nicely w/ your writing.

i've been an avid gardener for some time now and i can tell you that i have had many different garden spaces of various sizes. and i grew things horizontally, vertically, and in large containers (like when i lived as young single gal in chicago where the only "greenspace" was my 6x6 back porch of a 3-story apartment building)...

i guess the point that i'm trying to make in this comment is that if you love to garden, you will find a way to garden, space or no space. yes, it does take a bit of planning and creative thinking on one's part. but you would not believe how much can be grown in a limited amount of space.

anyway, enjoyed reading what you had to say. happy spring and happy planting!