April 11, 2006

Orca and the Seeds

Meet Orca. So far so good orchidwise.

The seedlings are another story. Its been cloudier and colder than I had expected/hoped but, I am hopeful that a few days of warmth will make all the difference. Most of them are sleeping and a few seedlings have already sprouted and wilted. Luckily seeds are really cheap.

I also got my results back from the soil test. My lead levels are "low" which I guess is better than "high" but not as good as "none." My soil is slightly too acidic for vegetables but good for flowers so I have to figure out how to add lime in certain spots to get the pH to 6.5. I feel like I've read that there are some things that like more acidic soil though so I plan to check before adding anything.

The Calcium level is good but, I need to add Phosphorous and Potassium. The instructions are actually very specific so I'll need to do some precise shopping and measuring to make sure I add just the right amounts. I am headed out of town again so it will all have to wait a week.

Hopefully the seeds will surprise me when I return.

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