May 3, 2006

Compost quest

I have been really frustrated by the fact that my community garden has not been able to get any compost delievered in the past 2 years. This has something to do with finding a place to drive up to in the garden in order to deliver it but, heck, I'd be happy if the truck came by and I just filled up some trash bags myself.

I live in an apartment with small porches in the front and back so I figured it was too small for a compost bin but, I figured there might be something smaller designed for an urban gardener and voila! Here is a really cool link to a really cool website that I am very excited to have found. It describes how to create a compost bin from a rubbermaid container that you can fit in a small outdoor area!

For this year I'll probably just end up buying some at the nearby farm (what a shame to pay right?) and then maybe NEXT year I'll have my very own bucket to brag about.

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