August 12, 2006

Know when to fold 'em

Yes, ladies and gentlemen I finally have tomatoes! A few more of the Chadwick's ripened and I managed to harvest them before anyone else got to them. The larger ones are "Pruden's Purple." They look red to me but, what do I know.

I could have waited one more day to let the tomatoes get REALLY red but, after the "theft" I felt like I needed to go for it.

Sadly though, I decided to pack in my sole surviving pepper plant. It isn't losing leaves anymore and it did start to grow one tiny pepper but, even that had a sinister brown streak in it. Sometimes it's better to quit while you're ahead.


Carol said...

What happened to your poor pepper plants? The tomatoes look good.

Black Eyed Susan said...

Carol - Oh I wish I knew what was up with the peppers but, they just didn't grow. For a while they were losing leaves and looked really wilty but, now they just seem "stunted." I'm gonna try something different next year.

snappy said...

At least you got some tomatoes hope you enjoy them in a nice salad or sandwich..
better luck next time with peppers.


The tomatoes lookd like.