October 17, 2006


I refuse to be sad about the Fall and the end of gardening for the year. Fall is actually my favorite season because the sunny days are so sparkly and I actually hate when it's too hot out. If fall wasn't followed by Winter I would like it even better.

My Nippon Daisies are finally blooming (in fact, they are out of control, does anyone want some?) and this past Sunday I planted garlic!!

Garlic was one of those things that I was really jealous of in other people's garden plots during the spring and summer because it looks so amazing while it's growing. Plus, who doesn't love garlic?!

I pledged to grow garlic this year and, while I'm at it, here is a list of 11 new things I want in my garden for next year. I'll never have the room or the energy since I don't really plan to stop growing much of what I had this year but......a girl can dream.

1.Bee Balm (the butterflies seem to love it and it reminds me of Animal from the Muppet Show) 2.Beets - golden is my hope because the red ones are tasty but very very messy
3.Potatoes (maybe)
4.Different kinds of lettuce - to be determined
5.Some other kind of peppers (that will actually grow!)
6.White eggplant
7. Chard
8. Cucumbers (but they take up a lot of room so we'll see)
9. Squash (this is mostly for my brother who wants to cook the blossoms)
10.Some kind of purple flower that I know grows with California Poppies but I don't yet know the name of.
11. Maybe one more flower that blooms in early spring although I'm not sure I'm willing to give up the veggie space.

Special thanks to the Gardener/Chef who helped me with the beginnings of a garden plan and held the garlic for the photo above.


Leslie said...

Susan, thanks for leaving a comment by my garlic entry in dreams and bones. It led me here and I really enjoy your blog. I too will be back.

carletongardener said...

I'm glad your posting again. I kept looking. I like your wish list. Soon I will start mine. I'm thinking after we get a frost, or some snow. Then I'll write a big list. Potatoes didn't work for me - they take alot of space and sun - but are delicious fresh. I'm thinking of some heirloom carrots, more lettuce, and some big pumpkins... Good luck with the composting. I use mostly leaves too.

Eileen said...

Thank you so much for the lovely photo of the garlic field! I have never seen garlic growing before and I just love it. Yours is the first blog I have visited and I really am enjoying it - I'll be back!


Anonymous said...

I like your template ;-)

I refuse to let the cold weather slow me down. This year I grew chinese cabbage, regular cabbage, swiss chard (still producing under 6 mil plastic while outside it's -20C), and greens. Oh and garlic. Have you thought of lupines for an early bloom? They self seed but the leaf is easy to recognize.