June 1, 2006

Did someone wash their car in my garden?

The garden is a wild and wacky learning adventure!! This morning I went to check on my plants and noticed what looked like soap suds in about 4 places on my yarrow plant. I saw something similar one plot over on some mint plants. I wasn't sure what it was but, it looked JUST like soap suds. I had a little water left in my watering can so I just sprinkled it until the foam melted (thinking it probably was a bad thing whatever it was.) I saw nothing else but I decided to e mail my Gardening School teacher about it to see if she had any idea what it could be. She wrote back in about 2 minutes that it was probably a "Spittle Bug." I am amazed! It turns out Mr. Spittle doesn't cause much harm unless there are a lot of them but, what a crazy creature. They move around and create this little nest of sudsy bug slime to protect them from the heat and dryness of the sun and to provide camouflage. That second part definitely worked because I saw no bugs...... just suds.

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