February 14, 2007

Give me your toilet paper rolls!

I placed my order for seedlings and ended up spending the exact same amount of money as last year: $33.50. That's a pretty good deal for 66 individual plants. I actually e mailed a friend to see if she wanted to share the order since I definitely won't have room for all of it in my garden plot.

They didn't have beets so I ordered:
Tomatoes: Brandywine, Green Zebra and Pineapple (loved these last year even though I didn't get many) Sun Gold, Sweet Olive, Ciudad Victoria, Peacevine and Super Sweet 100s. I'll definitely need to narrow these down.

Eggplant: Nadia (same as last year) and Fairy Tale which are supposed to be purple with white stripes.

Zucchini (just for the flowers so my brother can have a reason to buy a deep fryer)
Swiss Chard
and Marigolds

So I still have a lot of seeds to get: snap beans, lima beans, carrots and beets for sure! I think I have finally given up on peppers, at least for this year. I think 2 years of failure in a row means I should take a break. Perhaps this year I will really map out the whole plot and stick to the paper plan.

I also started collecting empty toilet paper rolls to ward off cut worms when I plant the seedlings. If you live in my area please feel free to save a few and hand them over next time you see me. I'm serious. I figure I'll need at least 20 or even 30 by May and I'm not quite sure how long it takes to go through TP in my house.


Ottawa Gardener said...

I'm embarrassed to tell you about my seeds... I keep expanding my garden by the year and therefore what I grow. I do save seed but not enough. I plan to try biennials next year. As for the fairytale eggplant, I was tempted by that but decided to try Apple Green.

Don't live close enough to give you paper rolls.

Happy gardening. Looking forward to reading your posts.

Rosengeranium said...

Heh. I always find it impossible to "narrow it down" when I buy seeds. I have a fad for the exotic that means I buy sensible stuff (like turnips and carrots) and then top the order up with things like tiger nut (almost unheard of over here) and tuberous pea.

Since I live in Sweden I can't give you my paper rolls - unless you want them with surface mail :-)

Happy gardening!

Jenifer said...

The next time you are in 'boken, we've got at least 4 for you.

Black Eyed Susan said...

Jen - just mail em!!!


Saya said...

Sounds like you'll be pretty busy with your seedlings. I wish I had a garden big enough to be able to plant that amount of seeds. May I ask what happened to you peppers over the last 2 years?

I'm in Australia, so no can do with the toilet paper rolls, I'm afraid.

Black Eyed Susan said...

Saya - Thanks for visiting!! I'm not entirely sure what happened to my peppers but, for two years in a row they've failed. The first summer was mostly blossom-end rot. Last year there was some sort of white crystalized stuff at the base of the stem and brown streaks throughout and the peppers just never grew big.