June 2, 2008

Make room for Dill

I don't really like dill. I've got nothing against it per se, but it's not really a favorite of mine. In my worry about the dreaded cucumber beetle however, I've decided that dill might just be the herb for me...I just need to find some space for it.

You see, dill attracts parasitic wasps and lacewings which go after cucumber beetles. As my dad astutely commented: I need a thief to catch a thief. Really it's more like I need a killer to catch a killer (as in plant chewer and disease spreader.)

Either way I might take advantage of the sad hole left by the kale the bunny ate and try to put some dill in there.

One site I found even claims that growing dill near cucumber promotes better flavor in the cukes. Sounds good to me.


Jenifer said...

Actually the dill and the cucumbers make perfect sense to be planted together.

Once your cukes are grown, I can give you my former roommate's grandmother's simple recipe for yogurt, dill, and sliced cucumbers.

Basically, take the three ingredients and mix. We have it every Russian Christmas with pirogi.


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