June 23, 2008


I don't want to jinx myself so I am crossing my fingers as I type these words: I think this is my best garden season so far.

The poppies look great, the mint seems to be doing ok in the sink, the bee balm looks as though it's about to bloom and I've managed to survive the early bunny attacks. I'm already starting to get a few green tomatoes and its still just June!

For a while there the cucumber seemed to be getting eaten by some kind of bug, but even that looks improved.

I'm sure some unforseen calamity or obstacle is around the corner (there's always something) but for now I'm feeling very proud. Sadly, I think the secret really is buying the plants a little bit later from the farm as I did this year instead of from the non-profit like I used to.

It is true that the arugula has all pretty much bolted and the arugula, cilantro and basil I planted on my porch is going very slowly and doesn't look that great, but the plot itself seems pretty healthy.

I'm still a bit tentative (vs. ruthless) about pruning the tomato plants and removing suckers and "extra branches" even though I know that's really the way to go. I just worry about hurting the plant when a new shoot seems "established." I don't want to get too cocky. I think recognizing that I am doing well while seeing how much better I could be is a good place to pause and celebrate.


Claire said...

Wait, what are you supposed to do to the tomatoes? We are growing some in our backyard and I don't know about the pruning....

kate said...

First time i visited your blog this season...i have been behind in *everything*! Your plot looks great! I love your california poppies and everything else looks great too.

I am trying the pruning tomatoes thing this year too. I am pruning & staking in an effort to keep some neatness in my life. It is hard to do it. But so far so good...we will see. Your tomatoes are certainly ahead of mine! I don't have any green tomatoes yet, except for some cherry tomatoes that aren't even in my garden (we planted them at my daughter's school!)

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