July 18, 2006

Another one bites the dust

I live in the north but somehow Southern Blight got me.

My 2 pepper plants (down from 3 after the friggin cutworms!) have not been looking good lately. They were wilting and some of the leaves have been falling off. I've been looking up all the "wilt" disorders and none of them seemed to fit. This morning I decided that one of the pepper plants was just too sad looking and too close to my eggplant to mess around. I pulled it up and there was this white crystal-y, moldy, fungus looking stuff at the base of the plant. A little googling turned up Southern Blight. I probably need to pull out the other pepper plant too so it doesn't affect my tomatoes and eggplants.

This sucks. For two years in a row now I can't grow red peppers for the life of me!

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snappy said...

Dont be too sad.Maybe do some google research for natural remedies how to beat the bug.I nearly lost my roses again to blackrot.Last year the entire bush dropped off.I mean every leaf, buds, and left a stick!I tried combatting it this year and my remedial treatment worked.Sending healing vibes to ease your pain.Next year might be a pepper year.