February 23, 2006

Damn Zipcar!

I don't own a car which is not a problem because I have Zipcar -- which means I can get "wheels when I want them." The problem is, Zipcar has made some changes that will make some of the driving and hauling of stuff that I need to do for the garden a bit harder.

Honestly, I think Zipcar is brilliant and a good deal. In the late spring last year when I was hauling myself to the farm every week for more plants and supplies (and my super-cool red hose nozzle thingy that I paid $20 for) it was great to have cars that 1) were close to my house and 2) fun to drive. My favorite is the Scion XA (above). For some reason though, Zipcar has removed 6 of the cars that used to be closest to me and replaced some of the best cars with less cool ones. That means I'll have more competition for fewer cars and they'll be a further walk away. Let me tell you, a smallish car around 10AM on a Saturday when its warm and dry is what EVERYONE wants. Dammit!

I think the reason the cars were removed may have something to do with theft which I guess I sort of understand but, its just such an inconvenience for ME that I feel unreasonably mad about it. I decided to reserve a car for May 13th already because that's the day I have to pick up my seedlings at the cool women's shelter/urban farm but....its a ford focus wagon....waaaaah!

So if you have a car and you want to drive me around for garden supplies in the spring and summer please let me know. I'll hook you up with some zucchini or eggplant or something.


Anonymous said...

How does a blue Mini Cooper S with white stripes sound? Yes, my hopes are high. I'll take you up on that eggplant offer.

Black Eyed Susan said...

Well if you're offering the mini I have a few other trips in mind...can we go grocery shopping and visit a few pretty and nearby states too?