February 13, 2006

The Flying Tomato

This is barely related to gardening but, heck its the Winter Olympics and Shaun White is "totally rad." If you haven't been paying attention, this is the red headed kid from San Diego who just won the gold medal for snowboarding. The Italians call him "Il Pomodoro Volante. " Everybody loves tomatoes.

Bode came in 5th in the Downhill yesterday and poor Apolo Anton Ohno missed his shot at the finals.

I suppose I can say that I aspire to be a very good gardener and so people who are talented at what they do, especially under pressure, and seem to really enjoy it are an inspiration to me.


OrganizeU said...

Is that a boy or girl?

Black Eyed Susan said...

Its a boy....with pretty red hair. Give the kid a break, he's only 19 and he just won a gold medal at the friggin Olympics. I bet its more than YOU did this weekend.