February 9, 2006

Nice weather we've been having...

What to blog about when you are not at home and not shopping for plants or seeds? I am in the Northwest right now which is surprisingly sunny. The most amazing thing I've noticed recently is that lots of people garden or at least think about plants and flowers a fair amount. Its practically like the weather in how universal it is. I was talking to one woman yesterday about her clear memories of killing all her friend's tomato plants by smoking near them. A coworker emailed me about his failed attempts to grow berries on his porch, another friend and I talked for a while about orchids. In fact, I was so inspired that now I'm considering getting one and trying to keep it alive -- anyone know if I can do that successfully in New England? I always figured orchids were "out of my league."

So clearly a lot of the charm here is how we STRUGGLE to succeed at growing things and care a lot about that success. I think its because the urge to nurture something and not kill it is innate. Its a pretty comforting thought in this fast-paced, pre-packaged, age of technology (and blogging). Alright, enough with the philosophical mumbo jumbo, I gotta get an Americano and check my e mail.

I've added some more garden resources links to the side here. If you've got suggestions feel free to send them my way.


Jersey, where the BIG tomatoes grow said...

I'm so in awe of your capacity to care for things/make them grow. I actually resent a plant if someone gives me one. How unhuman care-giver-y of me.

Randi said...

I like the black-eyed Susan thing - reminds me of red-handed Jill in the new peter pan movie .

Furthermore, this is a great blog. Keep rocking out the pictures.