February 27, 2006

Does anyone ever get anything done at these meetings?

Except for about 20 minutes, this Saturday's gardening class was all about the planning and politics part of community gardening. We broke up into groups, played roles and hammered out meeting agendas and appropriate dues for a fictitious community garden. It was fine although it made me think twice about trying to get more involved in the leadership of my own community garden -- what a slow and frustrating process.

Unfortunately my work schedule is such that I won't be attending any more classes until next year. Its too bad because next week is all about planning for a vegetable garden. I've got a first draft of my own plan done but, I don't think it leaves me enough room to get around for weeding and stuff. I'm not sure if you can see it in the photo too well but, advice is welcome. The empty spot on the left is for whatever I decide to grow from seed.

In a few weeks I'll be volunteering at this citywide Urban Gardening Event which I think will be pretty cool and probably have lots of pamphlets and workshops. Later that same night there is a bagpipe event at the bar around the corner from my house!! They're not related but, it should be a pretty fantastic day.

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