February 28, 2006

Homemade Rosemary Oil

When I left for work this morning it was 11 degrees outside. Nothing seems to be growing anywhere but, I'm still enjoying the fruits of last season's labor.

Way back in early November I stuck a bunch of rosemary and garlic in a bottle and poured olive oil in to cover it. I always have one of those big tins of olive oil around so once I had the bottle (from balsamic vinegar) it was really easy. I marked the bottle with the date and put it in the back of my cupboard and left it alone until this week. Its amazing! This weekend I had it with some really good bread to try it out and tonight I made salmon with it. Its delicious. I'm absolutely doing this again maybe with a little black pepper next time. If you have any pretty glass bottles lying around you should definitely do this...or send the bottles to me so I can. I suppose this would work in any old jar too but it looks so nice in a cool bottle.


Randi said...

Next years birthday present please...

jacob123 said...

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